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HHLA is among the most attractive employers in North Germany. Approximately 5,000 people work in the various group companies, with most of their workplaces located in and around the Port of Hamburg. Work and vocational training in a vibrant environment are diversified, and the dynamic development results in the most varied of opportunities. The following pages contain comprehensive information about ‘HHLA the employer’ and ‘HHLA the vocational trainer’.

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/ 05.06.2015
HHLA Prepares Another Terminal for 20,000-TEU Ships
HHLA has ordered two new container gantry cranes for its Terminal Tollerort (CTT), which will be able to handle 20,000-TEU Ships.
/ 02.06.2015
Large Cranes for Large Vessels
HHLA has ordered three new container gantry cranes for CTB. These cranes can handle ships with a capacity of 20,000 TEU.

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130 years of HHLA

HHLA was founded on 7 March 1885 as HFLG during the construction of the Speicherstadt warehouse district. In our extensive “History” section, you will find many stories and images from the last 130 years.


Specialists for Large Equipment

In-house training of mechatronics engineers secures important specialists for HHLA.


Your Path to HHLA

From the wide range of vocational training opportunities, on through the trainee programmes, to directly joining the Group as a specialist manager, HHLA offers a diversified range of opportunities.